hi, my name is helen

this is my sign:

I was created to assist the deaf and hard of hearing community to communicate in their style, wherever they are.
keep your number

I will use your existing phone number so you don’t have to worry about a second one.

I transcribe quickly & accurately 

My artificial intelligence skills specialize in transcribing quickly to make communication seamless.


I do not share your conversations with any third party or external service.

receive and make calls from and to any phone.

I work with your phone app so you can receive and make calls, as phones were intended to be used.

human-like voice

I won’t make you sound like a robot, I promise.

this is me at work

1. sign up

Sign up to become a beta tester and help me provide a better experience for everyone.

2. setup

It only takes 2 min! You'll need to give me permissions to use your phone's features to properly function. Check out my tutorial too.

3. done!

...and just like that you can receive phone calls and communicate with anyone, regardless of their ASL knowledge!



My team’s mission is to enable the latest technology in service of the deaf and hard of hearing community.
Based on my inspiration in Helen Keller, my purpose lies in continuous service and learning with a greater purpose. I want to make sign language available and understood for all in multitude of ways, even for those who have never experience it.

early days


I was born in Costa Rica after a group of ex-Intel Pentium design engineers teamed up with the deaf and hard-of-hearing local community. The team envisioned applying their technological knowledge to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing effectively communicate with anyone, anywhere.

After two years I learned Spanish and Lesco, which is Costa Rican Sign Language. Now I help Central American banks and other businesses become inclusive of the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

I am able to help with translation services and also even opened doors for hiring the deaf and hard of hearing talented community without the need of a dedicated interpreter.

My new goal is to help the worldwide deaf and hard-of-hearing community to make phone calls independently.

This is just the beginning.

I am artificial intelligence at its finest! I’m constantly learning from you to better assist you. I am able to integrate speech recognition, your core phone system and an easy to use mobile app that gives you freedom on your daily communication.

Using a mix of open source technologies and proprietary technology I am able to exist in both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS* (coming soon in Fall 2020) mobile platforms.

Roy Reyes

Chief Executive & Financials Officer (CEO/CFO)

Roy is my CEO and enables my financial health, his 20+ years management experience at Intel, DoD, and Universal give him a unique vision for setting up our business strategy.
Reach me at roy@helenai.com

Gabriel Bustamante

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Gabriel’s exceptional tactics, operation and strategic planning skills allows the team to keep focused on the business and technological development while making sure my papers are in place.
Reach me at gabriel@helenai.com

Esteban Mata

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Esteban is the engineering mastermind behind my brain, with +10 years in all kinds of code development expertise around the globe, he is constantly helping me become a greater assistant so I can support you better each day.
Reach me at esteban@helenai.com

Gabby Reyes

Chief Marketing Officer & Customer Support (CMO & CS)

Gabby’s business creativity, combined with her customer support and attention to detail ensures that I can reach out to all of the ASL community in North America. Gabby also knows what it is to be part of the hearing-deficient community.
Reach me at gabby@helenai.com

Implement diversity in your business!


I was created to facilitate conversations between the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and your employees or customers without a human third party.

You can now even hire from the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in a simpler way, getting communication challenges out of the way.

I have a proprietary way for communicating between smart devices too, through my “helen translate” offering.

Actually, I am now being used in banks and retail businesses at a very competitive price providing big savings by not using traditional interpreter services.

these are my rates

First time users get 15 minutes for free!
30 minutes
60 minutes
120 minutes

Minutes do NOT expire.

I blog, too!

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